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Finding and choosing the right beat making software can be hard to do. Of course, if money is no option, and you’ve got the time to spend learning the music theory most of the high-end programs require, check out Cubase or Fruity Loops, but, honestly, for the beginning musician these options are usually pretty overwhelming. You don’t need all that when you’re just starting out.

I’ve looked into several programs and these are the ones I've found to be the best in terms of eas-of-use, reliability and the best bang for your buck.

Don’t start the wrong way. Instead, start strong so you can finish strong by finding a program that builds the proper foundation and puts you on the right path to quality music production.


Cyber Sequencer Box 

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Cyber Sequencer

CyberSequencer is music production & beat making software at its finest! Control everything from bars to tempo to patterns for each measure. This cloud based system runs on your MAC or PC or ONLINE! All 44.1 broadcast quality.wav from the sample library to your final export.


  • Mix 16 tracks
  • Learn piano keys
  • Drum and keyboard expansions
  • Make beats online or on your desktop
  • Import your own kits
  • Export to 44.1kHz .wav


DubTurbo Box 

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If you want to make real studio quality beats that literally make you get out of your seat and dance when you play them - this is it! It's Easy Enough For Newbies & Flexible Enough For The Pro's! DUBturbo - Marked As The Most Controversial BeatMaker On The Market" ('Cause It Does 10 x As Much While Costing 10 x Less Than Other Software. Made For All Levels).


  • 16 Tracks Of Stereo Boomin' Sound
  • Auto Quantize Your Recording
  • 10 Pads per Kit, 40+ kits
  • Awesome 4 full octave keyboard
  • 1000's of Sounds - All MASTERED & Stereo Imaged!!
  • Export to 44.1 Studio Quality .wav


Beat Thang Box 

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Beat Thang Virtual

Turn your MAC or PC into a portable Beat Machine. Beat Thang Virtual combines sampling, sequencing and a massive sound library with an easy to use performance interface and tons of Beat Kangz beats making it one portable, powerful weapon of mass creation.


  • CD quality 16bit / 44.1kHz: sampling, playback and export
  • 16 tracks with playable mute and solo functions
  • Trigger sounds and functions using your computer keyboard
  • Over 12 On board Effects
  • Import and Export .wav or .aiff files
  • Record your own samples


Sonic Producer Box

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Sonic Producer

SonicProducer is an incredible cutting edge music sequencer with mp3 export capability. SonicProducer also features music production tutorials with different keyboards, studios as well as tutorials on how to use the Sonic Producer application. All this is available online through the "members area" and contains everything including the software, sounds and the system of video lessons and documentation.


  • 16 tracks with individual volume adjustments
  • 8 pads with individual sound assignment
  • 1 octave keyboard
  • Save projects
  • Export to MP3

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