Choosing A Beat Maker And What To Look For

What You NEED To Know About Getting Started with Beat Making Software!

When getting started with your own music production, there are a few specific features you need to look for in whatever beat making software you're looking to invest in. Before we get into the key features you need to watch for, keep in mind that there are a lot of programs that reel in beginners with big promises they can't deliver on; banking on the lack of information to get newbies on the hook in hopes of upselling them later. Before they know it, these amateur beat mixers have spent a lot of money without knowing how to use what they have.

Don't start the wrong way. Instead, start strong so you can finish strong by finding a program that builds the proper foundation through the use of three key factors that will put you on the right path to quality music production.

1. You can't make quality music out of MP3 samples. Once exported, they compress to the point that they have low sample rates with no highs and absolutely no bass. Find a program that can CREATE MP3's but doesn't start with them. Be sure the beat maker program you're looking at uses the right samples so that the final result is as high-quality as possible. Then, make sure your tracks will come out in 44.1 stereo 16 bit master .wav files so that no quality is lost when you export your music, whether it's to a folder with individual sound files or a burned CD.

2. The next thing to be certain your beat making software has is the capability to do more than one bar. You can make a loop, even put together a ring tone with one bar, but you can't make music—you can't tap into your real potential. Getting a 32 bar—minimum—is essential, regardless of the style of music you want to create. 64 is even better.

3. The final feature you need to have in a solid beat maker is the ability to parse and add your own sounds. A lot of programs out there don't allow you to do this, which then puts you at risk of sounding like everyone else. You want the ability to create unique tracks so be sure you get a program that makes that possible.

Now that you know what you're looking for, you're on your way to the next step—finding that perfect program. This can be hard to do. Of course, if money is no option, and you've got the time to spend learning the music theory most of the high-end programs require, check out Cubase or Fruity Loops, but, honestly, for the beginning musician these options are usually pretty overwhelming. You don't need all that when you're just starting out. I've looked into several programs and the one I recommend starting with is Cyber Sequencer, beat making software that has all the above mentioned features I feel are essential to getting the right start. They have more than the three points I've mentioned here, but these still stand out to me as the most important ones, no matter what software you go with. You can read more details about Cyber Sequencer here:

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