Make Your Own Beats

Frustrated With Trying to Make Your Own Beats? There’s Another Way...

Ever found yourself listening to the newest hip-hop beats climbing the charts and thought you could do that—if you only had the knowledge and equipment?

Well, you don’t need years of education and expensive equipment to get started with your own rap beats—not anymore. DUBturbo is the perfect beat making software for the beginning musician and it’s recently upgraded to V1.5 which makes creating rap beats easier than ever.

Not only is DUBturbo packed with the kits and samples you need to lay down your tracks, but it includes all the tutorials you need to completely bypass the frustration of learning something new—something many music producers spend years figuring out on their own. DUBturbo compacts that learning curve into something quick and easy.

Once you’ve followed the instructions included in the tutorials and made some killer rap beats of your own, you can then export them into separate sound files—an absolute must if you’re hoping to sell your tracks. You can then burn directly to a CD. These aren’t MP3 one loop tracks, these are 44.1 WAV sound quality, 16 channel tracks—just like the big time producers work with.

It’s all yours to start using today.

You can read about the full DUBturbo beat making software today by following the link below and, in no time at all, you’ll be laying down tracks and keeping the trunk bumpin' all night long:

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