More Features, Kits, Sounds . . . Everything with DUBturbo 1.5!

If you’re into making your own music you’ve no doubt heard about DUBturbo. I heard about it and finally gave it a shot—so, here’s my feeback on why DUBturbo is key to making the most awesome beats out there!

First off, it’s super easy to use. I thought the interface was a lot like Cubase or Fruity Loops, but way easier to learn how to use. I spent months figuring out those other programs but DUBturbo was slick. It helps that you use your computer keyboard like it’s an MPC so it’s all right there; you don’t have to buy the extra  equipment some of those other sellers want to sell you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for buying quality, but I’d rather not break the bank doing it, ya know? With DUBturbo you get quality software for an amazing price.

Anyway, enough of that, you’re probably wondering what DUBturbo can do. I mean good price and easy to use doesn’t matter much if it’s trash, right? Well V1.5 has a bunch of updates to the original, which is why you’re seeing it all over the place. It’s got more drum kits and FX sounds and is smoother and faster to use than the other versions were.

It’s also got a full 4 octave keyboard and a built-in editor, not to mention tons of samples. You can export in layers or burn them to a CD—even sell your beats, if that’s what you do.

The best thing about DUBturbo is  that you get real studio quality beat making software—it won’t ever sound home-grown, ya know, cause  it isn’t. They’ve used such amazing technology to create the samples and features that every track is smooth as silk to put together and sounds like you’ve got your own studio. Why would you bother with the free stuff out there when you can get such a great price on something that not only works (I mean, that free crap is only free because they make it impossible to use without upgrading) but works better than anything you’ve ever used?

Seriously, you won’t regret making DUBturbo your secret weapon to awesome tracks. I know I haven’t.

Check it out and never look back:

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