Cyber Sequencer

It's not just a music producing software or a rap beat maker... It's what's going to separate you from other producers.

It's the hip hop samples, the rap swines, the drum kits that have been perfected, and the easy to use sequencer that will make the beat building process fun and fast. The beat making software is HOT! It's simply a one-stop, 3-panel shop, filled with urban, modern, and classic samples to make you go boom.

Feature Breakdown

Main Panel

  • 16 Tracks
  • Interchangeable
  • Control Volume Of Each Sound
  • MUTE/SOLO Tracks
  • Jog Through Sounds Fast
  • Loop ModeRecord Mode
  • Exports To 44.1 Stereo .wav
  • Change Bar Count In 2 Clicks
  • Metronome on/off Toggle

Drum Expansion

  • 10 Pads 4/4 Bar Measures
  • Control Volume o/Each Sound
  • Change Kits On The Fly Even After Laying a Pattern
  • Import Your Own Drums/Kits
  • Draw In Notes With A Brush or Record To Live Metronome
  • Trigger Sounds w/Keyboard
  • Voxes, Effects, Hits + More!

Key Expansion

  • 4 Full Octaves!
  • 2 Octaves Triggered w/Keys
  • Easy Note Quantizing
  • Easy Note Corrections/moves
  • Change Sounds On The Fly
  • Import Your Own Samples
  • Stereo Imaged To Sound Full
  • Draw Notes Or Record keyTaps
  • Track Out In A Few Clicks!

More Cool Specs

  • Full Feature ONLINE Version!
  • When SavingSaves Volumes!
  • Share Source Files w/Friends
  • NO MP3's! Only High Quality .wav
  • Copy+Paste Bars w/Drag+Drop
  • Make ANY Genre Of Music
  • Sellable Broadcast Quality Masters
  • Makes Sick Beats Fast!

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