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Beat Making Software - DUBturbo Version 1.5 is HERE!

A sleeker look, improved performance, tons of new soundkits, and a few surprises will have you making hotter beats than ever before and doing it in record time.

Our sequencer has been upgraded to identify each track, bar, and sound type nice and fast—it's like putting the keys to a luxury ride in your hand and giving you the green light. Smooth and easy, that's how DUBturbo makes you the master of your own music destiny.

Lay down your bars and start tweaking, copying, editing individual copies, changing up patterns and kits on the fly–you won't believe how easy it is to master your tracks.

Our drum machine has been improved, expanded, and comes with more samples than ever before, perfect for setting the beat of whatever style or genre of music your into . . .

Not just flat c notes and straight stereo drum hits either . . .

We've got beautiful, stereo imaged, panned, and adlibbed samples that'll layer up to make your walls shake and your heart start thumpin'. Because we utilize your computer keyboard, you can bang out beats and melodies like you're on a real sequencer or a real synth without having to buy any additional equipment.

Importing your own sounds and grabbing more sound kits isn't a problem for DUBturbo – enabling YOU to make unique bangers . . . every . . . single . . . time you use it.

Our 4 octave keyboard – From melodies to quirky echos, to full-chorded riffs—comes with thousands of sounds and laying down your melodies is EASIER than ever now that we've broken down every octave and bar into its own easily identifiable section. This means finding and placing notes is faster than ever while correcting placements is a breeze with easy-to-see bars and octaves.

Shortcuts to the keyboard triggers are labeled right up front, and we've gone into our studios to find more talent, voices, instrument players, beat boxers, MC's, DJ's, and, with these masters of the industry, we've created yet another series of HOT, spine-cracking, hair-tingling, perfectly-shaped sample kits just for you. We go the extra mile to show that DUBturbo is ahead of the pack– and you're about to see and hear it come to life.

DUBturbo is about to take YOU from a music enthusiast, to a front and center mix-master, in control of your music production once and for all.

We're talking about the absolute sickest beat-making software in today's industry, thousands of original samples, broadcast quality input and output, access to tips on selling your beats, and a video learning course like nothing you've ever seen before at a price you won't believe.

We'll literally teach you how to make your first beat. You can then watch the videos, pause them, copy what you see, and in NO TIME FLAT you'll be making your own spin-offs and starting your music journey like a star. I should warn you that once you get started with DUBturbo you may find it more addictive than any drug or adrenaline rush out there.

There's NOTHING like jamming to your own broadcast-quality beats, selling them to studios and artists for top dollar, and taking pride in putting out quality product instead of coming off as a MP3 loop hustler using crappy online software.

Grab a copy of DUBturbo today and you'll agree that the sample kits alone are worth thousands, never mind the sequencer, drum machine, and keyboard with sampling capabilities at 44.1 stereo .wav. Trust me NO ONE CAN BEAT this price, this quality, or this all-in-one audio production solution. No one can top what we've got!

Instead of selling this for the hundreds or thousands it's worth, we're simply selling more product and letting music makers all over the world benefit from the seamless creation of their own awesome beats and music made possible with DUBturbo.

Consider this incredible price as our gift to YOU - until it goes back to the original retail price . . .

If you come back tomorrow and this price is no longer available, I'm afraid there won't be anything we can do about it but our 60 day no hassle refund policy on this offer means you've got nothing to lose– and everything to gain.

You're going to learn how to play the piano, structure proper bars, edit, mix, and master your tracks while learning chords, melody creation, beat patterns, chorus riffs, bridge placements, intros, outros, gap builds, bass lines, vox effect, and so much more!

You'll learn how to create any genre of music on the fly. It's literally the fastest way to go from that first idea to hearing your bass-thumping, polished beats pumping through your speakers.

But best of all – the learning curve is fast and you don't need to be an expert to make music with DUBturbo. You'll follow our video tutorials and do exactly what we do while we explain the how and why of each step of music creation. By the time you finish your first or second 5 to 10 minute beat tutorial, you'll be totally amazed at how easy, how professional, and how awesome DUBturbo makes your music. No matter what experience level you're starting from, we'll take you beyond your expectations and set you on the path to becoming a true beat making master.

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