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Here's the thing, Beat Making Software don't get any better than Cyber Sequencer and I'm here to tell you why. You're gunna want to make sure you READ THIS before you buy or download something else cause you'll regret it if you end up with a lousy program that wastes your time and talent . . . I'm laying it all out here, and pulling no punches so pay attention, you don't want to miss this info . . .

The Short of it - Cyber Sequencer is the Best Beat Making Software out there:

In my opinion, Cyber Sequencer is just sick, especially if you're just getting started. Compare it to any other beat making software or small ticket DAW out there, and you'll agree that you get the most bang for your buck with Cyber Sequencer. And you get awesome studio quality without sacrificing a thing in your master mix-downs.

Now, I know what you're thinkin'; there are all kinds of free stuff out there so why buy anything else, right? Yeah, I've played around with these OTHER beat making software—I'm always looking for the next killer program—that's why I can tell you that the online trash they give away ain't worth your time and in the long run will cost you a lot more than Cyber Sequencer. My final output with those freeware things was like a one bar mp3 not even looped right. I mean, using samples from mp3's . . . you've got to be kidding. That's not gonna fly around here. Compression issues alone make MP3's a nightmare when you're trying to build your own sound.

So now you're wondering what makes Cyber Sequencer THAT good, right?:

First off, it uses REAL samples, like from a real studio with panning at high sample rates. You won't find any MP3's, no way. I use the same computer keyboard I'm typing on right now to bang in beats like an MPC and play melodies like piano keys—it don't get any easier than that, let me tell ya. There are shortcuts for everything which then keeps your mouse use minimal and your production time maxed out. The program layout reminds me of Cubase but it has cool tutorial videos that show you how to use it quick so you never hit a dead end.

Why You Shouldn't Bother With Other Software:

I used to review quite a few software options on this site, but I stopped 'cause there's no point in recommending a second or third string pick when I know Cyber Sequencer's got everything you need at an amazing price. Fact is, there isn't anything comparable at the moment anyway and the stuff I used to have on this site was from companies trying to upsell something that would actually work when their free stuff didn't take you anywhere.

In all my years of making beats on all the popular gear out there, the biggest (and most painful) lesson I learned is that if you don't have really good samples to start with, your beats will be flat no matter what filters you master them with. You gotta start strong to finish strong, ya know? But it isn't even worth startin' if you're not using good samples— the tracks will never sound the way you want them to.

With that other software, I've put HOURS AND HOURS INTO MASTERING ONE BEAT AND ONE VOCAL just to get real CD shelf quality. I've been waiting for someone to put together an affordable sequencer with import functions at 44.1 stereo .wav that lets me play with my own sounds on top of having a hot library to begin with. Sure, that kind of software's been out there, but overpriced or you have to buy a bunch of equipment to make the features work. Cyber Sequencer has the sequencer, the right samples, the import capabilities and the price all in one program. It's incredible!

And Cyber Sequencer doesn't hand you a program and leave you to figure it out yourself. They show you how to lay break beats and patterns the right way so your kickin' tunes make sense and bang hard. With the help of Beat Master's training DVD, you'll hit all the frequencies properly in each track with complimentary sounds. They'll show you tempo and style, how to import into the sequencer, and how to make real BANGERS. No Midi keyboards or soundcards required. They simply take what you've already got—a computer keyboard—and turn it into an entire sound studio.

Cyber Sequencer's got their vids all over youtube too so you can watch and learn and pause etc. It's tricky at first when you're drawing beats on a timeline or hitting your keyboard to a metronome, but it's awesome when your drawing to 1/16th so your notes snap into place where they should be, like any real sequencer would do . . .

. . . Or you can double your tempo for 1/32, then work one bar at a time; make 3 drum tracks overlap with different volumes on each—sounds wicked. Thing is, even if you're a total newbie, Cyber Sequencer has got you covered. They WANT you to rip it up so they created a program that can bring it!

Anyway: At the end of the day, you've got to have a good sequencer that's able to bang in beats or draw them in quick and easy. Same with my melodies, and You've got to be able to export at 44.1 stereo .wav too. Once I have a great beat I export my master and it's ready to go. Or if I want to take it that extra, extra mile, I open it in any .wav editor (yeah even the free ones work with this) to play with the equalizer, the effects, the normalizing, and the final touches, and voila!! I have another collection of beats ready for artists, background music, movies, rap battles, selling them as combos . . . well you get the idea.

Lookin' for a Free Download of Beat Making Software?

Not gunna happen because NOTHING IS FREE, dude! Fact is, if you get software free, it's either limited use, or you can't export, or can't use all the sounds, or you have to put up with advertising and annoying pop-ups or surveys to continue using the gumpy samples they loaded with some free script just to get people who don't know better to click on the banners. I HATE ad based freebies – they're just trying to get you on the line so they can up-sell you something else. And once you buy that one, well, you're on your way to spending thousands. Mind you, spending that kind of a cash will get you some great software, but if you don't know how to use it, well, what's the point?

Ummm – Are you wondering if you can get your hands on any cracked versions of Cyber Sequencer Around? They know what they've got, and they're pretty smart. They monitor logins as well as local installs with hidden security measures, so even if you do manage to somehow rip it or get a login from somewhere, you stand a good chance of getting blocked and black listed in the industry. . . this isn't 1995 anymore—you can't get away with that stuff and at the price you can get an authentic program for, you'd be a fool not to just do it legit, ya know? Invest in yourself and then take pride in what you become.

... Now, one more thing, If you do see a free Cyber Sequencer download site or link anywhere, it's not from Beat Masters. It's probably some ad masked as a .exe file waiting to inject who knows what to your machine. Just don't do it – don't risk your whole hard drive for some Ad copy game. The thing is, if you're SERIOUS about making awesome music, it's worth investing in good software. Not only that, Cyber Sequencer isn't priced for the rich kids, they run amazing promos all the time and are worth way more than you'll ever pay for what you get cause they're looking to make their money by TAKING OVER the market.

With Cyber Sequencer you won't find a free version or cracked trial anywhere, they were smart with their approach and didn't want to bother with the watered down version. And they don't kick you to the curb once you buy. No way. They've got buttons on the interface that link right to their site to submit your beats, enter contests, or get more help from the videos. They want you to rock it! Dunno why others don't step up like this, seems to me it only makes sense to help your people make it work, ya know?

Alright that's all the time I got for now, jus' know that Cyber Sequencer is worth the investment and you won't regret starting with a solid program that's dedicated to helping you use that talent inside of you and help you get wherever it is you're going. Don't overthink this one, dog, just do it; get started today and don't look back!

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